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Online Proctored Exam (OLP) Process

Note for trouble shooting at any time in this process or during your exam, please see the OLP FAQs, below. If you can not solve your problem using the OLP FAQs, contact OLP Technical Support: (OLP Technical Support Hours are Sun-Sat 11am-3am EST/4pm-8am GMT)

USA (866) 227-7116

Global (602) 714-8235

Three Step Process:

Please Note Mac OSX is temporarily not supported by ACQUIROS's traditional Web Proctoring solution. We are currently working on updates to correct this issue. If you plan to take a Web Proctored exam on a Mac computer, please contact for assistance before scheduling.

  1. Before registration; confirm you meet the requirements (It is VERY important to note that if you schedule an OLP exam and do NOT meet the requirements, reschedules or cancelations due to non-compatibility will be subject to late fees.)

    1. Click Here for Windows Requirements

    2. Click Here for Macintosh Requirements

    3. Click Here for Audio and Video Requirements and Testing Environment Requirements

    4. Check to make sure your internet connection meets the upload speed requirements of 1 mbps at (This should be tested at the same location and time of day you plan to test, to assure accuracy of the speed during your exam. Ideally candidates should avoid scheduling web-cam proctored exams during hours where connectivity could be slowed by high volumes of users. This will help to minimize any potential connection disruptions during the exam. )

    5. If you intend to test from a public or work computer, please check with the IT department to confirm compatibility with the OLP software.

      Important Note ACQUIROS's traditional Web Proctoring solution requires you have administrative privileges on the computer you plan to test. If you are unsure of whether or not you have the proper administrative privileges to download our application, please contact for assistance.

  2. 48 hours prior to your scheduled exam; load testing program and take photo

    1. Click Here for Windows Set-up Instructions

    2. Click Here for Macintosh Set-up Instructions

    3. Click Here for Biometric Enrollment Instructions (Windows and Mac Users)

  3. On the exam date; launch exam

    1. Click Here for Instructions for Launching Your Exam (Windows and Mac Users)

As stated above, if you encounter any problems during the process, please view the OLP FAQs, below and/or contact OLP Technical


USA (866) 227-7116

Global (602) 714-8235

If OLP Technical Support is unavailable, contact ACQUIROS  support (ACQUIROS Support hours are Mon-Thur 8am-5pm EST and Fri 8am - 4pm EST): 1-248-937-1846 ext 0


Q: My webcam is three years old, but meets the minimum requirements. Can I still use it?

A: Many older webcams do meet the minimum requirements. As long as your camera meets the minimum requirements and provides an adequate field of vision, it is acceptable.

Q: My laptop has a built-in camera. Am I able to use the built in camera?

A: Yes, ACQUIROS will permit use of a built in Webcam for online proctored exams. Note that if a proctor observes suspicious behavior, you may be required to pan the room with your camera upon request. Your equipment should permit you to take those actions.

Q: My camera does not have a built-in microphone. Do I have to buy a new camera?

A: Our software will detect, and is compatible with, a computer’s built-in microphone or an auxiliary microphone. Note: Headsets are not acceptable.

Q: I have plugged my camera in, but it isn’t showing an image. What is the problem?

A: You may not have installed the appropriate drivers for the webcam that you are using. Many webcams use Plug and Play technology, which allows them to run on a generic set of drivers that reside within the Windows operating system. However, if you are unable to see an image, be sure you install the software that your webcam provided or download the driver needed.

Q: My camera is working but the image is extremely dark. How do I fix this?

A: A brightly lit background generally causes under-exposed (dark) images. When positioning your camera, make sure that there is no bright light source behind you (i.e. window, light fixture, etc.). Proper camera placement will usually remedy this problem.

Q: My camera accidentally became unplugged during my test session. What do I do?

A: If your camera is unplugged during your Testing Session, Webassessor will close your Testing Session and log you out of Webassessor. You need to log back in and find your Exam listed in the “In Progress Exams” section of your Test Taker homepage. Reconnect your camera and click Launch to restart your Exam.

Q: What should I expect during my Webcam Proctored PRINCE2® Practitioner exam?

A: To Prepare for your PRINCE2® Practitioner exam via Webcam Proctor, click here.

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