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Preparing for your PRINCE2® Practitioner exam via Webcam Proctor

ACQUIROS’s Advanced Examination System allows for the delivery of the PRINCE2® Practitioner exam via Webcam Proctoring by utilizing a digital scrolling exam booklet.

The purpose of this page is to prepare candidates with what they can expect of this new technology.

During a candidate’s PRINCE2® Practitioner Webcam Proctored exam they will see the entire exam booklet (scenarios and questions) displayed on the right side of the screen as a PDF.  Candidates can scroll through the booklet and are permitted to use a dry erase marker or highlighter to mark the screen with notes as needed.

Candidates should note that the booklet will display in the following order: the instructions on the first page, followed by all scenario items, then finally all questions.   This is important to note so a candidate is not alarmed when the text for the first question is not displayed immediately following the first scenario item. All scenarios are listed above the questions.  The questions will indicate which scenario the candidate is to reference, so candidates may benefit from scrolling directly to question one, after reading the instructions.

On the left side of the screen, candidates will see something similar to what is displayed in the image below.  (The question number and answer choices.) This is where candidates will record their answers and can monitor the time remaining.  On this screen candidates may also select to review an item later.

In order to protect the integrity of the exam papers, and due to the limited control in the Webcam Proctored environment, printed materials (including the official manual) and scratch paper are prohibited.   Again, candidates should be encouraged to use a dry erase marker or highlighter to make notes on the testing screen.

For a full list of ACQUIROS’s Webcam Proctored exam criteria, click here.

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