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Help your students receive prompt results by following these three easy steps:

Send Students Exam Registration Instructions

The unique details students will need when registering for their exam can be found in your booking receipt email.

This message would have been sent to the exam purchaser, instructor and proctor.

Before the end of the class, check-in with students to make sure they have either create a new account at or modified prior accounts with the proper registration code.

These steps should be taken prior to the start of the exam to ensure students have their student number which will be required on their exam answer sheets.

Register for Exam

Once accounts are created, students should register for the proper exam.

*Students testing online will be instructed to take these steps at the start of the exam. 

Update Accounts

If your students have tested with ACQUIROS before it's important they update their existing account with the latest registration code and any other relevant changes to their personal information. 

In order to expedite processing it is important that the name listed in their profile to be printed on their certificate matches the name on their photo ID that will be checked by the proctor. 

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Students having difficulty with any portion of the process should be instructed to contact

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