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ACQUIROS Proctor Responsibilities:

Proctors will verify photo identification from a school, employer, government agency, or other source.  The proctor will actively monitor the testing room.  The proctor must be responsible and competent to receive and follow all other reasonable instructions from the test provider.  The proctor must be in a position allowing them to operate as an independent third party proctor with no bias towards any of the examination candidates.  The proctor will ensure that test takers do not have access to materials or devices that would enhance their performance on the exam.  The proctor must not allow students to speak to one another during testing.  Unless otherwise noted, this is a closed book examination.

The proctor agrees not to misuse the electronic or physical exam materials supplied by ACQUIROS.  Including but not limited to; making unauthorized copies, saving electronic files, distributing to individuals other than approved candidates, reviewing exam content or discarding materials in an unauthorized receptacle.

The proctor will keep all materials in a secure and locked location until they have been instructed to return or properly dispose.

ACQUIROS Exam Venue Accommodations:

The exam venue will provide a quiet environment with acceptable test-taking conditions.  The room should be dedicated to testing during the scheduled session and should have controlled access.  All exam candidates participating in the online examination must have access to a computer operating on Internet Explorer version 5 or greater.  Workstations should be reasonably spaced from one another.  The computer must allow the test taker to access the internet for at least one hour, depending on the specified length of the test.

I have read and agreed to the above ACQUIROS Proctoring Agreement.  I promise not to disclose any of the information I am given access to from ACQUIROS at any time outside of the classroom.  I state that I will be in no way benefit from the outcomes of this exam. My position allows me to operate as an independent third party proctor with no bias towards the examination candidate.  Should my position change at any time after signing this agreement – and I no longer meet the criteria listed above, I will contact ACQUIROS or no longer act as a proctor.  I agree to operate as directed in the proctoring guidelines provided by ACQUIROS in each exam I proctor.

Note: Due to the sensitive nature of the intellectual property that has been left in your care, exam documents must be returned on the same or next business day.  Failure to comply to this policy will result in a cancellation of the exam and results will not be processed.  If for some reason you are unable to comply, please contact your exam coordinator ASAP to discuss solutions.

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