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In order to be considered as the recipient of ACQUIROS electronic exam materials, you are required to complete and sign the form below.  Materials will not be submitted to an exam recipient without proper completion of this form.  We recommend completing this form as soon as possible to prevent potential delay of exams.

As the exam recipient, you agree to the following:

  • I will print ONLY the number of copies of the exam paper required by the ACQUIROS Exam Coordinator

  • I will treat all materials as secure documents that are NOT to be further distributed to any person other than the exam candidates. Exam documents should never be left in a public area or printed to a public printer unless I am personally available to receive the printed document.

  • I will delete all emails containing secure exam files, immediately following the printing and distribution

  • I will delete any files saved to my computer

Upon completion of exam, I will scan and email ( the following items:

  • All candidate answer sheets

  • Completed Exam Roster

  • I will NOT discard of any exam materials until confirmation is received from ACQUIROS that all required items were returned and are fully legible.

  • While waiting for confirmation of receipt from ACQUIROS, I will keep all materials in a secure and locked location.

  • Upon confirmation from ACQUIROS that materials were received, I will shred all exam materials.

I also confirm that I will in no way stand to gain or benefit from receiving these exam materials.  Should my position change at any time after signing this agreement – and I no longer meet the criteria listed above, I will contact ACQUIROS or no longer act as a recipient of exam materials.

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