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Please type all of your information in this form.  Below the form is ACQUIROS’s Code of Conduct.  By signing the bottom of the form, you are agreeing to all terms described in the Code of Conduct.


Once you have completed the ACQUIROS Accreditation Application, please read and agree to the Code of Conduct by electronically signing below.

ACQUIROS Code of Conduct for ATO’s

 (a)     Business Practices.  You agree that you will conduct all business in your capacity as an ATO in a manner that

(i) does not in any way adversely impact ACQUIROS’s reputation;

(ii) avoids deceptive, misleading, or unethical practices;

(iii) avoids making any representations, warranties, or guarantees to customers on behalf of ACQUIROS that are not contained in Official ACQUIROS literature;

(iv) complies with all applicable governmental laws and regulations; and

(v) complies with copyright and other intellectual property and proprietary rights protections for ACQUIROS owned and license products, as defined by the IP owner. Including sublicensing, material reproduction, sales and distribution of copyrighted materials.

(vi) for those ATOs allowing for the use of Selling Partners in the conduct of ATO’s business, does so with clear contractual restrictions that permits them from using any and all trademarks and copyright materials only as received from the ATO, without any changes or alterations of any sort.

(vii) understands you are responsible for keeping your accounts current with ACQUIROS and that failure to pay will results in the notification and eventual retraction of the certifications associated with the respective non-payments.

(viii) Organization maintains financial viability.  Organization expects to remain profitable for the duration of the accreditation.

(iv) Any information (ie. Pricing, Marketing Materials, Supporting Documents, etc.) shared with the organization by ACQUIROS either during the application phase or thereafter is not to be distributed outside of the organization listed on this application except with permission from ACQUIROS.

(b)  Training Practices.  You agree that you will conduct all training in your capacity as an ATO in a manner that

(i) only utilizes course material which has been approved by ACQUIROS , keep materials up to date and in compliance with syllabus changes, present all material changes to course materials to ACQUIROS on or before implementing them (adjust as required when requested), fully communicate expectations of students that take the course including hours of course delivery, and total hours to invest, and the exam requirements;

(ii) only utilizes accredited personnel to deliver approved courseware, provide annual evidence of delivery personnel personal development in subject areas, and training skills, fully communicate changes to course requirements to all personnel, ensure that personnel profile changes are communicated in writing to ACQUIROS timely;

(iii) involves delivery scenarios that are always within stated ratios of students to instructors;

(iv) ensures that all ACQUIROS invoices are paid within 30 days of the exam delivery date


 (c) Trademark Restrictions.  Nothing in this Agreement authorizes you to use any trademarks, service marks, or logos except as expressly permitted by the IPR owners.  Following your accreditation approval from ACQUIROS the IPR owners will be responsible for sending you the IP Sub-License and will invoice you directly for use of trademarks, service marks, and logos.  The license for the use of the Licensed IPR must be signed in order to perform accredited activities.

(d) Conditions of ATO Selling Partner (Broker or Reseller) Appointment

*This section is only applicable to those ATOs using Brokers or Resellers.

  • Terms of ATO Selling Partner appointment must include the following:-

  • All activities on Best Management Practice undertaken by the selling partner must be on the direct behalf of the ATO and branded as such

  • No Selling Partner will be permitted to have their logo appear on any ATO Best Management Practice course materials, or any other promotional / marketing material

  • ATO Selling Partners are subject to ATO audit of all promotional materials associated with the promotion and marketing of Best Management Practice, as part of the ATO Audit by ACQUIROS

  • ATOs are only permitted to enter into agreements with selling partners once they have completed a signed agreement with the Selling Partner that clearly calls out the provisions of operation above, and ensures that the Selling Partner enters into such intellectual property licenses and confidentiality agreements as the Certification Scheme Manager (ex AXELOS as the Best Management Practice Official Accreditor) or Owner (ex OGC) may require.

  • A copy of all such agreements between the ATO and the Selling Partner will be sent to ACQUIROS upon request as part of a ACQUIROS audit of the ATO.

  • Affiliates must work in accordance with the Quality Management System that the ATO uses and has been approved by the EI. In cases where they do not use this then their Quality Management System will have to be provided for review and accredited by the EI

  • Affiliates must use the related ATO training material as accredited by the EI

  • All Trainers working on behalf of the affiliate must be assessed and accredited by the EI to the same standard as the Trainers working for the ATO


We understand that ACQUIROS has the right to suspend or remove our Accreditation if we do not adequately comply with this code of conduct, and/or produce examination results that are consistently problematically lower than average.

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